the act of tit-fucking a fat guy's man-boobs
Boyle gave a fat fag a manifold and nutted on his fat tits.
by THE CART GUYS August 11, 2007
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The man who’s grind must never stop
My mother just died of Cancer but I can’t stop that Jack Manifold Grind
by Sol ☀️ March 31, 2021
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Jack Manifold

A brilliant writer, comedian, and Twitch streamer with over 700k followers
Have you seen the new Jack Manifold stream?
Yeah, i have! He is quite bald though.
by JackBrainRot March 25, 2021
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Just can't stop the Jack Manifold grind.
Just killed a family of 5 and now running from police but can't stop that Jack Manifold grind.
by Ice_Bee September 7, 2021
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i just burnt down an orphanage but the jack manifold grind never stops
by poggerstegan February 20, 2021
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"Can i get whoppa?" is a quote from the popular legend Jack Manifold.
Jack Manifold is a legend
by Heart.Brocken.Check June 7, 2021
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