A term meaning "we are completely out of stuff" that some people just don't grasp.
We are constrained on laptops, so stop asking, biotch!
by Bama-in-CA October 10, 2005
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Esp when I was younger than 10, my penis and bum was seriously limited outside of my dark blue brief undies and even seriously limited to pee outside my dark blue brief undies.
Esp when I was younger than 10, my dark blue brief undies constrained my penis and bum from showing, and from peeing naked.
by Turo Fernandez September 26, 2018
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The application or employment of a process or feature by which an artist will ensure both the ratio AND perspective of an image remain relative to that of the original image. Failure to "constrain proportions" has resulted in many innocent men being "duped" on internet dating sites (and the like), sustaining an eternal loss of essential "crop points."
TA:"I'm tryin to photoshop that sikk pic you got of me killin' a keg stand at the Rutgers party, Nig." "Everytime I resample, I end up lookin like Nicole Richie doin' a headstand on a Heineken keg can."

RA:"You need to constrain proportions"

....Beware the rubber bakk
by KurtBarlow February 12, 2007
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A dictionary of terms, phrases, and conventions people use in tweets, posts, texts, and limited-character media platforms.
My mom needs the Lexicon of Constrained Characters. She keeps putting periods at the ends of her tweets. I cannot stand her shouting!
by Makarios_ August 2, 2022
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