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An infamous Mac's convenience store in downtown Calgary, a city in Alberta, Canada located in the corner of 7th Avenue and 8th Street SW. So called as it is known for being rather sketchy and crime-ridden, as well as having many people dealing crack outside in the parking lot and around the premises.
Person 1: Hey dude, wanna go to Crack Mac's?
Person 2: No thanks, I don't plan on getting mugged today.
by Trash•Gordon April 16, 2018
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A mild pejorative used to denote Radical feminists who exclude, display hatred and disgust for, and otherwise belittle transgender women on the false and inaccurate claim that they are men, because biological essentialism is actually okay with these "feminists", only as long as it's a cudgel used to shut up those dirty transes.
Internet TERFs may use talking points about how this is a "slur used to silence women and forced upon them by trans people", however, it should be noted that TERFS themselves coined the term TERF, and only pivoted positions when the general public stopped agreeing with them. A slur is a loaded pejorative associated with immutable characteristics. You cannot change being black, gay, trans, etc. and thus, insults directed at someone for being any of these are defined as slurs. TERFism is simply a scientifically incorrect ideology in baldfaced opposition to the American Psychiatric Association among others, and as you can change an ideology or outlook, it is not a slur. There are male TERFs, after all, ideologies aren't exclusive. And by TERF logic, things such as "nazi" "communist" and "liberal" would be slurs as well.
British feminism is notorious for being overrun by ideological positions favored by TERFs, as it is favored by white middle-aged cis, (usually) straight women who have never dealt with discrimination in their lives.
by Trash•Gordon March 9, 2021
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Infamous debate tactic used by amateurs, grifters who are paid by shills, and people who only care about winning alike, the Gish Gallop is a tactic in which one person purposefully gives as many incorrect or falsely-quoted statistics as possible in a very short time frame. This forces the opponent to waste speaking time taking down endless strawmen and lies created by their opponent, and is usually a sign that the utilizer is arguing in bad faith. People with scientifically/factually incorrect positions such as TERFs, Neo-Nazis, and infamously, Young Earth Creationists, often use this tactic as simply quoting reputable sources and studies is not an option.
The Gish Gallop is a tactic commonly used when you have no shame or care for fact and just want to win.
by Trash•Gordon March 9, 2021
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Used in online conversation to denote someone who is obnoxiously obsessed with debating others to prove their position is right. Typically abuse logical fallacies and "Ben Shapiro Tactics" to win, and will shout "DEBATE ME BRO!" at everyone, hence the name
Man, can Joe in my geopolitics class please stop being such a debatebro? Nobody wants to put up with him
by Trash•Gordon February 26, 2021
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