Short for "Tool Academy For Sure".
A handy acronym for pointing out tools (or possible contestants on MTV's Tool Academy) without them knowing what you're saying.
He is so TAFS.
by Fru Grump July 07, 2011
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Territorial Army Foundation Scheme

The physical entrance test for potential TA recruits. It may vary depending on the different trades (infantry, chef, medic, etc).
I'm on my TAFS weekend this Friday
by JBF May 12, 2005
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Fat backwards, meaning that the person is extra fat.
Nicholas you're so taf.
by Bruh24 May 29, 2015
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Thick As Fuck

TAF is a word to say that someone has a nice thick ass
Yo Ellie you TAF!!
by Mister TAF February 05, 2017
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Tits Ass Face
TAF is a word used usually my males to rate a female's main features on a scale of 0 - 10. When TAFing, you may pretty much TAF any female (whether in a movie, walking down the street, etc.). If a female is not worth TAFing, they are considered as unTAFable (usually those who have 2 or more ratings under 3).
Jimmy: Yo! TAF that girl
Daniel: 5 4 8
by RoflCopterGG June 14, 2011
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