After recieving a blowjob, you break the chicks arms and blow it in her eyes. She then makes the sound of a t-rex
I give a great t-rex!
by John jaques March 26, 2007
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A girl named Ashlynn with short arms. They refer to her a T REX. while sitting in a chair she cannot pick up anything off the floor. She has to get assistance with anything above her head. Can never reach anything by herself. She is ferocious. She does not take shit from anybody. she is a loyal companion.
Ashlynn is such a T REX!
by ARAE1989 August 06, 2010
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The act of wasting someone where their arms tense up to the point where they become incapacitated and wave around aimlessly like that of a T Rex (Dinosaur)
I watched game of thrones last night and this blonde girl was just getting t rexed by a big dude
by nocabiwik July 03, 2013
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Look at that def above ^^. I am not a clan!

A name, usually a given one to hide one's true Identity.
My alias is Trex, and if I ever catch anyone stealing that I will hunt them to the end of time.
by Trex June 24, 2004
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T Rex is a specific type of handjob, where the person giving a handjob tucks their elbow into the sleeve of a short sleeve shirt, and proceeds to pleasure a man's penis with only their index and middle fingers and their thumb.
I told her "rawr is dinosaur for I Love You" when she gave me a T Rex.
by aCleverStratagem December 08, 2011
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The act of having small disproportiionate upper extremities while maintaining rather large back, chest and shoulders.
by Alliance February 16, 2003
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