It is the one command that people will listen to. It is an amazing technique that you can use whenever you want.

The sentence you say to somebody when you spot something weird or unknown that is on them. Almost always, they will immedietely become still also known as the "Don't Move!" response. The person will almost always think that it is some sort of insect on them. Particularly a spider.

Sometimes people use this to elicit the "Don't Move" response from friends just to piss them off.
Is it a spider? Oh my god I can feel it in my hair!!
by VeaLin November 25, 2010
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a phrase usable in numerous situations. The original usage is if you are pulling someone's hair, but the joke can easily be used in a sexual sitatuation.
{upon grabbing someone's hair}

You: Don't move and it won't hurt!
by AgentKabuto December 11, 2009
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In sex, after doing the "Crouching Tiger" either in a homosexual or heterosexual couple, the one that was down (Bottom) tends to move the booty asking for more. Then, the one that goes up (Top) responds: "Don't move your bootty, baby "to express that he can't give more.
The Bottom: —moves her butt—

The Top: Please, Don't move your booty, my baby, I can't satisfy you anymore.
by TheWeirdLost April 15, 2019
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