A girl that when drunk is half human half dinosaur. She walks, eats, throws up and even growls like a T Rex. Nothing stands in her way when she has the late night munchies. A girl in her mid 20's that takes down a whole crock pot of velvetta cheese dip and a large pizza in one afternoon. A girl who tries to talk while she eats but sounds like a T Rex on a man hunt.
Tell him to walk on down here and say hello to the T Rex
by The803 March 13, 2011
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Describes a girl who is not fat but has a large body. She is big boned or stocky. She generally is taller than the average girl and is fairly strong/well built and manly.

This is a derogatory name often used by guys to describe a big boned girl no one knows the name of.
-Who's that new girl everyone's talking about?
-Uhh, I dunno.
-I heard she's fat or something.
-Oh yeah I know who you're talking about. But she isn't fat, she's just a T-rex.

-Dude check out that chick over there!
-Yeah I see her... She's too tall for my type. And she's kinda big and manly.
-Yeah, you're right, she's a T-rex.
by Crawfisch December 15, 2010
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The worst sex one can give/receive.
Bill: You gonna fuck this bitch?
Jeremy: Na man, if I get it in with that...it'll be trex no doubt
Bill: True dat, nobody wants trex.
by Travisthetrexboywonder March 19, 2013
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When you are so drunk that your knees fall into to the teepee position (imagine a giraffe trying to drink water spastically). Your arms then tuck into your body and you assume the T-Rex position as you gobble along on the dance floor.
I think I just saw a dinosaur on the dance floor... the bloke must be in T-Rex mode
by Dogshitsomething December 07, 2017
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An individual who gives 0 fucks about another ones feelings. This individual will never been seen sad, and always be seen with a beer. This individual can be the goofiest and also the craziest MF you’ve met. Intoxication is a T-Rex’s best friend.
I’m a T-Rex, OUUUUUGHOOOOHHHH 3|6|7|3| : |19|
by Abooga booga October 29, 2019
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