A cheap ass. The person, who at dinner in a restaraunt when its tip time, whos arms seem to be too short to reach into their wallet and tip their fair share. T rexes, frequently seen reusing napkins and relying heavily on the "if its yellow, let it mellow" flushing principal, are the utmost cheapest, tight waded, penny pinching bastards around.
Frank: "Steve, how much did you tip?"

Steve: "I dont believe in tipping... *leaves table*"

Frank: "You god damn t rex... *shells out more cash*"
by Johnathan Milavec March 05, 2007
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When someone has the upper body strength of a t rex. They have no ability to lift an object due to their useless arms.
I couldnt ask Tommy to change my tire, because he is a t rex!
by kellythebarber September 18, 2011
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While someone you know is incapacitated either drunk or just heavily sleeping take rubber cement and apply it to the entire front section of a bare chest and bring the arms up to the chest, hold firmly until the rubber cement dries.

When the unsuspecting victim awakes they will find themslves doing the T-Rex and just as pissed.
John was so drunk last night we T-Rex'd him to get a laugh, you shold have seen his hands flailing around when he woke up, he had no idea what had just happened.
by IETVTS2 October 28, 2010
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When you have sex with a girl and break her arms.

Goes well with donkey punches.
I t-rexed her and then donkey punched her. It was a good night
by Broookattt April 25, 2011
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a) Adj,describing one who is an uphill gardener, ie. little arms
b) Vb, to be a fudge packer
That Jay is such a giant t-rex, he was t-rexing it up last night.

by adjou March 16, 2007
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A glam rock band from England. Formed in 1967 broke apart in 1977 when the lead singer Marc Bolan died.
Me: T-Rex is a cool band!
Other Person: I thought you meant the dinosaur
by Baws JCW July 19, 2009
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A rare species of dinosaur that lurks flamboyantly on piano benches.
"After I played we had a truly trex moment in which he held my hand for 45 seconds and I looked into his beedy black eyes and felt all the emotion flow from me"
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