A word used to decribe someone of being nasty, directed towards friends who look like or appear to be gross looking. Also a word used to describe anyone or thing that causes you unexpected nausea through the knowledge of something gross.

1) A friend who hooks up a loser or gross looking individual usually will get the reaction of a friend of saying "that is nasty shit"
2) Something or someone that is to ugly to look at or brings disturbance to you can be said "ew they are nasty shit, dont look at this that shit is gross" "that shit is just nast yo"
by L pop pop May 21, 2006
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what type of freak nasty shit!?
by Starnalz September 23, 2018
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evil, corrupt doings by corporate hacks that maim and kill people; fuck up the enviornment and generally make things horrible
W.R Grace produces some nasty ass shit in Libby Montana. Sometimes referred to has asbestos. Recent nasty ass shit at the Smithsonian.
by spinger spaniel March 15, 2009
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Its even better than sick nasty, therefore better than wow, excellent its ultimate enialation mate.
Shit the bed mate, thats shit nasty!

Sick to the nasty mate - "yer mate thats shit nasty"
by Tra'or March 18, 2008
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Brown shit that uzes out of your vagina from over materbation
Oh fuck i had a nasty vagina shit night
by kyle kms July 14, 2014
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To describe the apprence of a place, thing, person, etc.
Dude look at that girl over their!

Damm, Dat Shit Nasty!
by TheJMan2001 December 27, 2016
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