It’s something you say When you see something that completely amazed you or when you see a beautiful person you say “mashallah
Person 1: my daughter just painted this beautiful beach painting!

Person 2: MASHALLAH! it look amazing!
by mamimocha8 July 11, 2021
The Arabic phrase/term MashAllah or Masha-Allah is short for the longer phrase “Mashallah-Allah Tabarak Allah” which literally translates into “that in which God has willed, He has or will bless”. However, the closest meaning and use of the phrase in the English language is that similar to the phrase “Knock on wood” to express hope for someone’s good luck to continue for a particular positive statement or as to not jinx something good.
Example 1:
Alex: Oh wow Emily, you have the cutest baby ever!
Emily: Thanks Alex, that’s very sweet of you. Say MashAllah please.

Alex: absolutely...MashAllah!

Example 2:
Jamal: yo bro, this food is amazing! MashAllah your wife is an incredibly good cook.
Mike: I know man, thank you! Alhamdulilah (Thank God) God has definitely blessed me with a great wife.
by Sir.Ween October 30, 2020
"Amen" for Muslims. If you omit to say mashallah when someone did something well, you'll be blamed if things go wrong.
My nail broke. It's that bitch Yasmin. She commented on my nail polish and didn't say mashallah.
by Bslo February 15, 2019
"Mashallah" or "Mash'Allah" is an Arabic phrase used to show appreciation for a person or happening. It shows respect, and also reminds that everything is achieved by the will of God. The closest English translation is "God willed it." It is used to show joy and praise, and is evoked upon hearing good news.

The phrase has found its way into the language of non-Arabs, including Turks and peoples of the Balkans, including some who are not of the Islamic faith.
A: I just got an A+ on my exam.
B: "Mashallah!"
by Nick Spontini November 21, 2007
muslim/halal way of saying wow
Mia: I heard you got a new car Mos.
Mos Def: Yeah its a great car mashallah
Mia: mashallah, I've heard
by bookafan February 17, 2022
this word can be used for anything and is interchangable with inshallah
by tumiestsegsy November 15, 2021
when you pop the fattest dub with your buddy mashallah at the mosque
Jerry: "yo i popped a dubidolo mashallah massive dub habibi inshallah never seen a bigger dub bossman"

Charlie: "no way, i've never hit one. My uncle says its impossible"

Jerry: "not a dubidolo mashallah massive dub habibi inshallah never seen a bigger dub bossman moment"
by SquidLogHead May 17, 2021