1. A member of an ancient people (1600-300 BCE) in the Mediterranean. They were remarkable for their seafaring achievements.

2. People from Phoenix who have no grasp of history. Or, they are aware, but pretentious enough to continue to call themselves "Phoenician."
Weslie: "Hi Molly, where are you from?"
Molly: "I am Phoenician!"
Weslie: "Your people helped colonize the ancient Mediterranean! That's awesome!"
Molly: "No. I'm from Phoenix."
Weslie: "Oh."
by James1006 September 11, 2010
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1. Anyone from Phoenix, Arizona.
2. Someone who represents phoenix and puts all haters to shame.
1. Yeah I was born in Central Phoenix, one of the roughest parts of PHX, i'm a fuckin phoenician to da fullest.
2. Damn dude, that phoenician dumped a clip at me after i told him fuck six oh deuce
by oscar602 May 26, 2007
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Similar to a JAP or guidette, a Phoenician Princess is pejorative term for a heavily spoiled female between the ages of 14-30 of Lebanese-American descent. She is usually very tan, wears tight close, has expensive jewelry and handbags, and talks endlessly about how her grandfather was a millionaire in Lebanon before the civil war broke out in the 1970s.

These young women are known to dwell all over Salem, NH and Methuen, MA as well as Dearbornistan in Michigan.
Alicia is a straight-up Phoenician Princess. Would you believe her umm and aba gave her $5000 worth of gifts for her high school graduation?
by 603explorer August 1, 2011
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The first recorded alphabet, originating with the Phoenician people of ~1050 BCE. Derived from Semitic logograms.
The Phoenician Alphabet is the earliest recorded alphabet, unlike the abjads of the time.
by Caladesh April 21, 2018
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When you walk out of an air conditioned building in Phoenix, Az, in the summer and the heat hits you so hard you LITERALLY can not see for a moment.
No joke, walked out of the 19th Hole, and went Phoenician Blind...110 in the shade!
by CaptMcSwagger June 9, 2014
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Basically, a thumbi from Phoenix who doesn't like people from Chatsworth.
Thumbi : ur another cake from Chatsworth!
Normal person to other normal people : what this Phoenician cake shouting for?
by Someone u probably don't know November 20, 2018
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