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1. An extra wet vag before engaging in sexual intercourse.
2. A vagina that was so wet it was hard to believe.
Ronnie: "Holy shit Sally, your really wet down there!"
The next day...
Ronnie: "Jeez sally, you had the most Uber Pune I have ever seen!"
by Nicholas Roberts March 30, 2008
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Desmanthus illinoensis is a perennial weed legume growing from .3 to 1 meter tall. It has fern-like leafed branches and produces N,N-DMT in its root bark. Other names for Desmanthus illinoensis are Bundle Flower, Illinois Bundle Weed, and Prairie Bundleflower.

If this plant is smoked, it is said to have a psychedelic effect on your body. It starts to work in about 20 seconds after smoking and lasts around 10 minutes.
One of the experiences someone had was after smoking Desmanthus illinoensis:

"As I bowed (sitting crosslegged on the floor), I felt my spine open, and when I sat up, looked at my friend and felt that I was truly able to see him as God. To do this I had, while bowed down, to see the deepest cruelties that humans are capable of (rape and murder). A kind, deep voice said this was a part of the human condition that a deeply realized being is willing to see. Being willing to view this with detachment let me appreciate the depth of love I had for all people, and I was able to express this to my friend. This intensity lasted for perhaps ten minutes, and the comedown was very gradual. I am writing this almost 20 hours later; no residual effects at all, but I have felt a pleasant centeredness and afterglow."
---from Freyje
by Nicholas Roberts April 1, 2008
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A plant getting more and more popular due to videos of people smoking it spread all across the internet. This herb is expected to be banned in the US by 2010. the reason being is so the government can make money off of arrests just like all the other popular drugs such as cocaine, mushrooms, and cannabis. Other nicknames for Salvia are Ska Pastora, Shepherdess's Herb, ska Maria Pastora, yerba de Maria, and Sally-D.
Salvia Divinorum is already banned in these 4 states as followed:
by Nicholas Roberts March 30, 2008
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1. The asshole that won't offer a hand to anybody.
Phillip: "Hey David?"
David: "What do you want?"
Phillip: "Can I borrow your camera?"
David: "No! you'll scratch the lens and put finger prints allover my camera."
Phillip: "Jeez your really self centered!"

by Nicholas Roberts March 30, 2008
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1. Mesembrine is an alkaloid present in Sceletium tortuosum.

2. It has been shown to be an extremely potent serotonin reuptake inhibitor, active at dosages as low as 100μg (micrograms).

3. It has also been shown to be a PDE4-inhibitor.3 Mesembrine may contribute to the antidepressant effects of kanna.
Wow, this kanna sure does seem like it is loaded with Mesembrine!
by Nicholas Roberts April 1, 2008
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A small sized city town known for being the actual home of the Simpsons since the creater Matt Groening thought that the actual city was actually in Springfield Oregon which just goes to show, they shouldn't have an online voting contest such as the one on USA Today that makes Springfield VERMONT the actual location of the Simpsons.

Springfield Oregon has a population of over 55,000 people, and is known for being a beautiful place to start a family.

In the summertime, it is known for having different events such as The 4 of July Festival, Filbert Festival, fiestas, etc.
Springfield Oregon is the right place for me!
by Nicholas Roberts April 1, 2008
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1. A deal that exchanges illegal drugs for currency that is generally committed in stealth.
Sally: "I am on my way to make a drug deal with Ronnie."
by Nicholas Roberts April 7, 2008
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