The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Also known as "the addition rule".
"Both girls were threes, but thanks to synergy it was like doing a ten".
by LDogg October 03, 2004
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Marketing buzzword only rumoured to imply the combining of forces for greater productivity and mutual understanding.
Marketer: "And thus, we implement grade-A synergy."
Executive: "What the hell?"
Marketer: "Just think of it as 'pro-active' and 'think inside the circle'."
Other Marketer: "What the hell?"
by CartoonChess June 04, 2004
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The collaboration of two or more people on a project or situation, which the outcome would be better than if the two people had worked independently of each other. Basically just a buzz word for team work
Man with Ladder: Man I'm hungry
Man with Tree: I can't reach those apples, if only I had a ladder...
Man with Ladder: Hey, let's work together.

Gee Wilbur, this synergy is great.
by DesPERRYado November 02, 2004
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A word which lost its meaning in the 80s. It once meant to work as a team but has been corrupted to mean make those people think we are doing for them what they can't do for themselves before one of them does something we can't control.
Create a synergy with that art group before they realize they can make art without going to our expensive art school first.
by AnarchyArtist June 23, 2014
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MBA jargon for "the whole is greater than its parts."
When our teams work together, we can form a synergistic relationship by leveraging the talent from both teams.
by E June 02, 2004
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rose to prominence in the 80's when business practices went on vacation.
a buzzword thrown around by upper and middle management when talking about group a and group b and how they will now be group c instead.
a fancy way of saying youll be working with other people while not loosing any sense of prepiness.
we want to capitulate on the synergy you are currently exuding on the johansen and johansen project by relocating the various work groups into a cohabited interpersonal work environment where your personal strengths will empower each other so we can achieve maximum efficiency, ok?
by em June 03, 2004
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