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Sex, slang for sex. Usually used when someone doesn't want to type sex or when there parents or someone they don't want to have seeing what they are writing is around. Also could be a typo when trying to write sex.
Hay babe whats up, wanna do the deed later?
You got the wrong number dumbass
Woah your not Janet
I am not in deed, and i sure as hell aint having sx with you tonight either.
by Bob&Bill July 07, 2009
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Comes from Intel...
Means reduced form of the CPU, originated from the 386 SX with its SiXteen bit databus.
Intel had the following SX-Types:
386SX: 386 with reduced Databus width
486SX: FULL DX with deactivated Coprocessor!
by Tam Hanna May 31, 2003
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