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the worlds most powerful supervillain
he hast the powers of the flash only he is so fast when he takes off running he is already to the destination before his shadow has left the departure
the blur will kick you in the nuts with blur kick causing you head to explode with such force it can destroy a city block
by billy aka the nessilator November 03, 2003
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The time in your life while you are parenting small children. Symptoms are consistent with other dementia disorders; forgetfulness, disorientation, sleeplessness, forgetfulness, exhaustion, snappishness. Blur-induced stupidity is commonly occurring and profound. Hopefully, the effects of The Blur diminish over time. Rumored to last about 18 years.
I got to Target and I swear to God I had no idea what I was supposed to buy. I ended up getting coffee and diapers and then spent 20 minutes trying to find my car in the parking lot. I used to have a PhD in physics and now I am a MORON. It's The Blur... It's killing me. What?
by Rants from MommyLand November 22, 2010
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