wrong wavelength, different issue, wrong person
i thought u met richard the other day at the mall.

who the fucks richard?

oh sorry wrong number...
by djohn666 December 28, 2007
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When you give someone a false number so that you don't actually have to speak to them again. Normally after you've met with someone new, and being the polite person that you are, don't want to say no to exchanging numbers. That way they think you are a nice guy, plus you don't have to explain to them why you don't like them. If the cover is blown, the person who got wrong-numbered can be blamed for not taking down the number correctly.
Guy1: "I called the number this chick gave me last night, but it was some random old guy..."

Guy2: "Dude!!! you got totally wrong-numbered!!"
by linguisticosity1 September 17, 2009
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Being falsely accused of taking a bad smelling shit in a public restroom.
"So i went into the restroom right after Josh had dropped this rank ass turd, then when i was washing my hands after pissing someone else came in and thought i was the one who stunk the place up. Josh totally wrong numbered me"
by Erich S November 29, 2007
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when ya call ya bro like sup nigga wann play som battle vs chess but its actually your wife your callin so shes like whata hell y aint u at ya job
ay am sorry bro wrong numbereno
by Owguin March 12, 2019
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