30 definitions by Jay Dizzle

A woman with lush and fruitful peaches
That fertile fergie over there has some lushes peaches
by Jay Dizzle February 2, 2015
A secret code, you say to a McDonald's employee to have a back rub
Hey there big boy, I'd like a hanky panklish
by Jay Dizzle February 2, 2015
A fucking bad itch. Usually when you dont shower too often.
Ese mama bicho no se baña y por eso tiene raquiña.
by Jay Dizzle March 17, 2005
A girl who can't close her mouth when having sex, and drools all over the walls, pillows, and sheets
My bedroom looked like the Atlantic Ocean after drippy McGee went in there!
by Jay Dizzle February 2, 2015
A man who is heavily divoted to Bambi, and dreams about one day becoming a baby deer and watching his father die in the forest
R-shizzle, over there transforming in the forest
by Jay Dizzle February 2, 2015
Another word orginated by kareem. Just means something possitive. If something good happens to you its a great look.
Cup soup for one cash is a good look.
by Jay Dizzle March 16, 2005