When something is according to your beliefs and ideals. Same as in my opinion
Person 1: Is being a bookworm cool?
Person 2: It is in my book.
by Migaspin September 21, 2021
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1) that is not true, according to my morals, principles, and beliefs
2) in a place other than the bound collection of literature that belongs to me or rests in my hand
Cop: "Oh man, what a hard day of busting drug dealers it's been. A big fat J would really hit the spot right now. Can I borrow some papers?"
Your square ass: "Isn't that...um...illegal? Smoking marijuana, I mean?"
Cop: "Not in my book. Bitch."

"Damn, a playa really needs to take a piss after those 10 beers I just had. Over here would be a good spot."
"Oh shit!!!! Not in my book!!!"
"Whoops, sorry about that."
by Nick D November 24, 2003
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Attempting to copy or steal someone's idea or mannerism.
He's wearing a red hat like I do, he's taking a page out of my book .
by Boston Travis September 4, 2007
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When someone tries to do the same things you do.
He is wearing the same hat I do. He's taking page out of my book
by Boston Travis September 18, 2007
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originated from the phrase, "My dicks got boogers". The phrase was then modified for unknown reasons. Mostly used in the Northeast. Probably referencing some kind of STD or genitalia-oozing ailment.
Yo sun sun, i can't believe my books got diggers, I gotta get that shit taken care of, that damn filthy snailtrail.
by Traser2g May 12, 2006
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As seen in the movie Casino:

1. A poorly-crafted attempt to divert suspicion, despite obvious guilt.

2. Attempting to flee a bad situation with an ill-conceived method of escape.
"Little Craps figures--very nice, thank you very much, Mr. Piscano..."
"Those are my mother's books!"
by cDubs October 16, 2016
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