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A middle aged man that enjoys his exercise videos rapey and likes the occasional banterous sniff on the arm after he's high on geschpock. He is usually spotted in his classroom sitting on his chair and not communicating until 30 minutes of class have gone by. He is particularly loving towards his Sk. He is therefore addicted to randomly pronouncing her name in yhe middle of class and calls her his favourite gal. He is suspected of being in cahoots with fellow male human máister macconmarra
by Mandingo Hunter 3000 July 21, 2018
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One of the chillest people ever. He loves music and also enjoys making his own. He might be shy around girls but they love it. He enjoys other girls that are chill and can relate to what he does. He is honest and very trustworthy. He also has a brother like figure to him which makes him cool.
"Sundy is my brother from another mother!"
"Sundy is chill"
"Music is great from Sundy"
by Sunzsisy November 20, 2011
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a bum with a computer from the stone-age. doesnt stop talking bout lame ass vampires and lame dragons named G. and it smells and it bites!

Cool guy: dude! its the infamous sundy!
Cool dude: yea always ramblin bout that vampire crap!
Cool bro: lame! lets go before it bites us!
by dontbiteme February 06, 2010
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When one has "followed through" or just simply shit there underpants (undies).. shity undies="sundies!"
"Oh fuck no!, ive just farted and shit my fuckin myself! Im gonna have to go change these fuckin sundies!"
by ian "salty sea dog" evans September 05, 2007
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