in partnership with someone who shares your purpose (often secretly)
They were in cahoots with the Mafia this whole time.
by The Return of Light Joker February 08, 2008
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cahoots is a noun meaning:

1.) To be in league with a crime, or conspiracy. Also to mean in alliance with or secret partnership with.

2.)To be a lover, or someone you like very much. Commonly used by someone how is annoyed or displeases with someone else.

(Note: this is slang, coming from the word/slang "ca" meaning: used to express a certain feeling of fondness for a person. Also the words "hoots" meaning: the characteristic cry of an owl)
"Don't trust anyone on that road there are often robbers that are in cahoots with each other!"

"Where are they? Idk? I bet there off in cahoots some where..."
by EtanBoy February 23, 2010
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Cohootism - the activity or philosophy of being in cahoots for the benefit of a higher truth or purpose. The effort of combining resources, activities, wisdom or knowledge with others, to propagate a perceived truth that represents a progressive thought, activity or concept for humanity.
Sophia's research into an alternate theory on the historical origins and construction of the Sphinx, when combined with her friend and fellow cahootist Sara's findings, evidenced there engagement in Cahootism. The two ladies were firmly in cahoots on this ground breaking theory and findings.
by Phaedrus88 August 07, 2017
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To work in cahoots with other cahooter's or the head cahooter to bring down the cahootee which is the person cahooted against.
Emmie is a cahooter along with other cahooters in her goal to bring down poor innocent Achmed.
by AchmedTT September 02, 2008
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Aussie term for organising an illeagle act
dude lets go into the mens room and cahoot
by Havoc October 22, 2004
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Being incredibly and inexplicably happy with no means of explanation for being that happy.
Miranda: How are you feeling today?
Sophie: I'm feeling CAHOOT
Miranda: What does that mean?
Sophie: I'm just so happy I can't explain it
by Peraine January 07, 2010
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