Bubbly - adj.
- Full of high spirits; effervescent
- lively; animated; excited
- effusive, enthusiastic, vivacious, high-spirited
- a really happy, perky, kind of annoying person at times (*kind of annoying is subjective in this context*)
- To act Overly Happy or Perky (*"overly" is subjective here also*)
- An adjective describing someone who is happy and has a lot of energy. It is almost borderline mania
women says "I am a person with a bubbly personality once you get to know me"
by domanoonie May 28, 2014
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Basically, a personality like a stereotypical dog's, e.g. overly happy to see you, fears being alone.. probably just acts cute because it wants you to feed it.. wait.. so... uh, ahh.. nevermind.

Anyway, supposedly men like women with bubbly personalities.
Guy 1: So how'd your conversation with George go?
Guy 2: Ugh, let's just say he has a bubbly personality.
Guy 1: I know, he just doesn't shut up.

Guy 1: So how'd your date with lauren go?
Guy 2: I think it went well! She was laughing at all my jokes.
Guy 1: YOUR jokes? Well, she does have quite a bubbly personality.
by Theonlythingw3needz January 17, 2020
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Someone deliberately isolating themselves from any culture, ideas, or people that exist outside their immediate purview. This often leads to dangerously indifferent and ignorant people ill-equipped to make knowledgeable decisions about the world.
Non-Bubble Person: "Did you hear what happened in Europe?"

Bubble Person: "No, I don't care that. I don't even like leaving my town so why would I care about another country?"

Non-Bubble Person: "Country?!?! Yeah, you should stay home. You will just piss off all the people from the country of Europe with your ignorance."
by jfkst6 October 31, 2012
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A term used to politely say to someone that their friend (usually a girl) is fat and you won't be seeing them any time soon.
"Heya paldinho, what do you think of Kourtney?"
"She has a bubbly personality!"
(You then walk away)
by Fearnley123 July 20, 2016
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A term used to describe someone's personal space. The space around them which nobody should enter unless invited to do so causing a level of awkwardness of some level of discomfort.
That asshole is always in everyone's personal bubble. One day someone is going to beat the crap out of him.
by cybrez October 6, 2015
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When someone invades your personal bubble and continues to even after the victim says no to the invasion
Boy: Please leave you're inside my bubble
Girl: No
by PodSafe September 23, 2014
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