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Kailee is a super cute, awesome, and all around friendly person! Kailee's are great girlfriends, and will always be full of love and compassion!
" Gosh, I love my girlfriend so much!"

" She must be a Kailee!"
by Mar Marco April 04, 2015
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Kailee , she is a beautiful girl. Has an amazing laugh and smile which will always brighten up your day. She always makes her boyfriend happy. She is one of a kind never let her go.
Kailee (#beautiful #smart #amazing)
by Budoo August 28, 2018
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The most amazing person ever. Always is nice to everyone and is super outgoing. She is the best girlfriend ever!
Person 1 : Kailee is amazing!

Person 2 : of course she is! She's kailee!!!
by WHOOSH GUY December 06, 2016
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Everyone loves a Kailee. She is cute and funny and will always be great even when she has every reason to be sad. Expect great things from her because she can do it! and she knows in her heart that she can! Kailee is great and no one will ever replace her
Guy1-I love my Kailee
Guy2-I need a Kailee, I like talking to her more than talking to my girlfriend
by BECBECBEC October 14, 2008
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The cutest, funniest, smartest girl you will ever meet. Has an amazing smile and laugh. Also a great soccer player. Great at cheering you up, and beautiful eyes that look right through you. An amazing person who will always make you feel like the most special person on the planet. Will shower everyone and everything with all the love she can give.
OMG!!! Did u see kailee today?
No why?
She looks amazing!!!
Well obviously shes kailee
by j.ared September 22, 2011
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A lady who will smother you with love. A Kailee will always try to make you happy. She is one who craves attention and hopes to be the very best, but will not put people down in order to get there. She may cross some boundaries, but she will always mean well. A Kailee is a girl who is absolutely beautiful, although she may not see it herself. Kailees love to laugh and are some of the silliest people you will meet. If you are lucky enough to have a best friend named Kailee, you will never be let down. She will be with you until the end, even if there are times when you may not want her there. A Kailee is magnificent all around.
-Who's that girl with that adorable laugh?
-Oh, that's Kailee. She's hilarious!
by Samawamalamajama April 13, 2011
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Kailee is an amazing person. Not only is she amazing, but also gorgeous. She always makes her boyfriend happy no matter what. Kailee means everything to her future husband. She is absolutely amazing and nobody is as fantastic as Kailee.
Kailee is an angel descended from heaven.
by T-rev. :) February 02, 2010
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