adjective or verb describing a person or situation which is steeped in banter; to be banterous in nature.

From the all encompassing term banterrific
"He was a very a banterous chap, wasn't he?"

"Yes but I did feel that Mr. Beckham could have done without wearing that sarong. That was not in the least bit bantiferous"
by Zach_banter February 16, 2006
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Describing that which is full of banter; muchos bant.
When participating in a drinking game resulting in an amusing outcome, one may utter "this is a very banterous thing"
by Mistress B January 29, 2006
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The adjective of banter, to describe something full of banter.
"You should have seen last night, Shaft was so banterous! Proper ripping into the Milk he was!"
by Alex Shaft October 19, 2008
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to be full of banter, to have a good time
yeah he's a good mate, really banterful
that was banterous
by jinky_boclair August 12, 2007
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The magnificent art of using word play, opinions, exaggeration, irony, sarcasm, and other comedic themes to (playfully) humiliate, make fun of, and laugh at your friends. This word is most commonly used in Britain, but 'Banter' is used around the world.
Joe: Your dick is so small!
Steven: Your mum didn't seem to mind it last night

Both: Banter m8 yh init
by Domesh August 29, 2014
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The type of male who always seems keen to stay in the crowd. It's only after 15 years of friendship you get left alone in a bar with him. It suddenly dawns on you that this man has no conversation at all.
Whatever happens tonight lads - don't leave me alone with Simon Keir. He has absolutely no banter.
by Sobsnewcadtle September 7, 2015
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Supple term used to describe activities or chat that is playful, intelligent and original. Banter is something you either posses or lack, there is no middle ground. It is also something inherently English, stemming as it does from traditional hi-jinks and tomfoolery of British yesteryear.
"You, sir, are drunk"

"Maybe so but you are ugly and I will be sober in the morning"

"Good banter sir"
by Zach_banter February 16, 2006
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