The only day of the week when you get some of that pussy.
Tony can only get his dick wet on Sunday from his wife Valerie, Sunday Funday!!!
by Ballsdeepb May 30, 2016
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The glorious holiday at the end of every week to celebrate the end of a long and tiring 6 days. On this day, its observers are to completely relax in whichever way they see fit. If it consists of throwing back some beers with friends, playing board games in a park, or indulging in any other substances with peers, it is a full day of fun and relaxation. Most events start in the early afternoon, and end in time for all participants to get to bed at a reasonable hour to prepare for the beginning to yet another long week.
Caroline: "what should we do to celebrate sunday funday this week?"
Simone: "lets hang out with Keith and make cornbread."
Caroline: "YEah! I am so excited."
by BsAsDuo February 17, 2008
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Sunday Funday is recognized in the Midwest and Eastern United States, mostly in Michigan, as the day of the week that you become most inebriated. Drinking usually begins in the early afternoon with either Bloody Marys or Coffee w/ Kahlua. Shots are consumed randomly during the day based upon a repeating event i.e. a train passing through town, every time someone walks in a room, every time a specific word is said. The group of people involved in Sunday Funday travel from bar to bar throughout the day becoming more and more intoxicated until bar close. Memory loss is usually experienced on the following Monday.
Man 1: "I think that on the last Sunday Funday I spent like $150 on shots and started a fight with a player from the Detroit Tigers"
Man 2: "Dude, you didn't start a fight with anyone you were sitting at the bar and you grabbed a girl and knocked her down"
Man 1: "No idea, I have no memory of that"
by CharlesCatman February 04, 2010
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When it's Sunday which is primarily the day the christian boys go to church so therefore Sunday funday is a day in which there are no gay, premarital sex, swear words, or lust. Examples for sentences
guy 1:Hey bro I just fucked my girlfriend
guy 2: hey you can't do that

guy 1: why not
guy 2: because it's Sunday funday
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by breathtaker_clayman August 18, 2019
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Usually takes place at Boston Harbor Yacht Club, or the Playwright or the Stadium... as well as the Maneikis's Pool... usually consists of some amazing people that can handle moose, never have i ever, land mines, and THEN spin the bottle...
Jack: but i dont wanna take off my boxers to give to britt... if you dont i (other Britt) won't go swimming either.. DEFEATED! he throws his boxers to the other britt.. i mean it is Sunday Funday after all.. ANYTHING GOESS :)
by britt regan October 20, 2007
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