when someone gets extremely intoxicated to the point that it leads to stupid random acts. Similar to gong show buy on a individual level
Joe: matt thats your 4th keg stand
Matt: O man i have no idea whats going on
Joe: You sir need to "get to bed"!
by jordan engel November 14, 2006
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simialar to a a gong show in the fact that the person is usually intoxicated and does random ridiculous acts which in turn would prompt someone else to tell him or her to get to bed
Joe: Matt your a complete gong show right now! Matt: Oh man i have no idea whats going on! Joe: you just pissed in the closet you need to Get to Bed!
by jordan engel October 31, 2006
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to tell someone to get in bed meaning you wat to have sex with them right now and it doesnt matter what bed it it
boy:"Get in bed"
girl:gets into bed
boy/girl:has sex
by SexInBed June 15, 2014
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The term "get ta bed" is very different from "get to bed". To get ta bed one must do so at an alarming rate. Get ta bed can also be used for sexual purposes.
by Chap0038 May 14, 2011
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the phrase you say when you have a love/hate relationship with someone. Emphasis on the love.
"Do you want some cupcakes?"
"No. Fuck you, get in bed"
by bitchitis123 February 18, 2021
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To "get ready for bed" is preparing to be knocked into a deep slumber by a complete stranger you just met at a bar after you've had "one too many"
(you)- "Hey, Tell your girl to meet me in the bathroom in 5 minutes"
(Selvester Stallone)- "Your drunk man... maybe you should go home..."
(you)- "But I'm tired of your mom..."
(S.S.)- "OK PAL! GET READY FOR BED!" (knocks you unconscience)
by TheseShadows March 21, 2009
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Get Ander De Bed,Get Ander De Bed.
by SoulessKas December 2, 2021
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