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A phrase particularly used by followers of Gru. When saying cool style you must include the very crucial "sunglasses smiling" emoji, more formally known as the "cool" emoji
Guy 1: Did you attend Gru's Seminar earlier this evening?
Guy 2: Yes, yes I did😎
Guy 1: That's Cool Style 😎
by breathtaker_clayman January 24, 2020
A movie so terrifying that I had to lock my children in my basement and lock all 7,823,034 door and window locks and hide for nearly half of a decade, This is my return note and I am hoping I never have to experience the terrifying film known as Open season: scared silly
Guy 1: Dude, did you see Open Season: scared silly (2015 horror movie)?
Guy 2: *has Vietnam flashbacks*

Guy 1: You good bro?
Guy 2: *shakes away flashbacks* *throws up**has seizure*
Spongebob Narrator: 2 weeks later
Guy 2: never speak of that again!
by breathtaker_clayman February 6, 2020
When it's Sunday which is primarily the day the christian boys go to church so therefore Sunday funday is a day in which there are no gay, premarital sex, swear words, or lust. Examples for sentences
guy 1:Hey bro I just fucked my girlfriend
guy 2: hey you can't do that

guy 1: why not
guy 2: because it's Sunday funday
by breathtaker_clayman August 18, 2019