Simone is a girl who is fun to be around and talk to and has a good sense of humour and loves to make jokes, she is very social with a beatiful body but doesnt worry about what she eats, She can be quiet sometimes but it doesnt mean she isnt up for making jokes or having fun, She is practicly the best person in the world.
Guy1: Wow, look at her i bet her name's Simone
Guy2: Yea i bet ur right
by Orzo September 1, 2008
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The most beautiful and sensual of all the women. She is extremely intelligent and has a great sense of humor, any guy would be lucky to have her.
This girl will always make you laugh and worry about others before herself and will not be satisfied until others are feeling good about them-selves even though it may put strain on her own self worth.
Extremely sexual, knows what she wants in bed (or airplane bathroom) and will not be afraid to tell her partner/s.
One worth loving and taking care of.
Nick: So the mile high club aye?
Simone: Yeah, I have decided I want you to fuck me in the cubicle. *points and bites her lip*
Nick: Im so fucking there!

*Both get up and join the most exclusive club on the planet.*
by SpanishNick1991 August 30, 2011
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Simone is a BABE!!!
Her sense of humor is dark but hilarious. Her smile lights up a room as does her laugh. She's got curves like no other and eyes like a tiger. And when it comes to dating she s a BEAST IN BED!!!! but she cares about who she loves and would do anything for them <3
Man, you're dating a Simone? Lucky..
by anonymos03 June 30, 2017
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She has high intellect and muscial talent, gorgeous but among others does not believe so, can be socially awkward and timid due to doubting herself, wastes time on Tumblr but manages to get more work done than her peers. Other words to describe her is wonderful, amazing, silly, and weird (in a good way).

Anyone lucky enough to come across this kind of Simone and befriend her should know that its an honour. Simone can be decisive with her friends.

Simone is mature in all senses and can blend into a younger environment or adult environment. She has many goals and dreams, but always has an idea for her near future.

She is wise beyond her years and is loved by everyone for her beautiful nature.

Simone has brown hair with brown eyes, and had (:P) an olive-y skin tone.
by #YOLOSWAG May 6, 2013
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Simone is a bad ass bitch and hella fine. She is short, brown hair, brown skin, and fiioooonnne!!!!!! Every guy wants her because she's tough and cute what else can you ask for in a girl. She's is a very private person though she knows how to fight and will protect all of her friends guys or girls she will fight you so run!!!!! A Simone has a split personality she can be the goofer of the century but wen its time to get serious she get serious. A Simone is literally the best person to be friends with
guy 1: Simone so mean but fine

guy 2: Yeah it so weird
by Her BFFF December 20, 2018
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Simone is a girl who is stubborn as hell but has a soft spot for people she really cares about. She enjoy going out and having fun but is also all about her money. She's very nice, but cross her and it's over. She's the athletic type but can switch up on a nigga real quick with heels and a dress.
by drunkenfl0werz March 2, 2015
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Just a great girl in general. Once you get her don’t lose her.(also a badass)
Did you really beat up Annie (Simone: yep I knew she was Karen’s daughter and she got on pay nerves)
by legendary_princess November 23, 2019
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