A Sumner is a fake bitch that uses her sexuality to attract desperate men despite being unattractive. She has lots of friends but none of them really like her, as well as a string of boyfriends who use her to get girls they really like. Summers have a terrible sense of style but have an overly confident exterior and crave attention. They insult others to mask insecurities they may have, and fish for compliments often. They are often two-faced and will do anything to get people to like them. Sumners are often plain looking with a few extremely obvious unattractive qualities, including their personality.
Boy 1: I just started dating Sumner, I'm definitely gonna get some soon
Boy 2: You're nasty, even you could do better than that
by bitchier_thaniseem January 23, 2015
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Bitch ass that no one likes! He’s so ugly and gets the ugliest girls and think he’s so cool. He is weak asf and can’t play any sports. Sumner is the kid that you would love to just punch in the face.
Who is that bitch?

Oh that’s sumner.
by Big fox November 07, 2019
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That one very dusty disgusting flat lip boy that no one wants to be friends with. Sumners are a very rare breed of human to find If you see one stay 60 feet away and keep your distance. He will, I repeat WILL try to flit with you if he does then run away. Sumners are very slow. Both mentally and physically
Girl: hey did you see the Sumner on the animal Planet, they found one right in our school
Boy: oh you mean the flat lip dusty boy with dirty blonde hair
Girl: yeah
Boy: Ew he grabbed my butt and started screaming like a dinosaur
Girl: classic Sumner
by Killerhuskywolf November 21, 2019
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