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What the other poster said, except that "suckiness" is clearly a noun, not an adjective. Like "kindness" or "carelessness".
The suckiness of the above poster's understanding of basic grammatical terms is quite apparent.
by vava2930 June 25, 2010
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1. (noun) derived from the word suck that means not good or simply put... bad.

2. (noun) emphasizes something that is really really sucky/lame/crappy/terrible/yucky without the sexual innuendos that comes with the word suck.
1. Popular "cool" people suck a lot their level of suckiness reaches new boundaries when they act like they're special and everyone else is a lesser person.

2. So yeah, suck on that suckiness of yours, you motherf*cking sucker.
by Tesaffrey March 17, 2014
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Stems from the word suck, or to suck. An adjactive meaning something is really crappy or sucky. Something that is completely featureless and super lame.
The suckiness of jBuilder is beyond compare.
by xBrady May 01, 2006
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