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An exclamation used after a brilliant comeback, that is incapable of being topped.
Guy 1: "You're a little bitch."

Guy 2: "well I fucked your mom....GOT EEEEM!"

(not actually a good comeback...just use your imagination)
by B Dub January 25, 2005

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usually used as a nickname, meaning; badass, unusually large pimp,and one motherfucker you dont wanna mess with.

If you ever cross someone with this nickname you are sure to know that he is an awesome guy just dont piss him off.
B DUB tore them muthafucka's up last weekend

B DUB sure is a pimpin mutha fucka

Man, B DUB gets all the ladies
by b dub April 26, 2004

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slang (noun) intense oral stimulation of the genitals; (alt defin)deep sensuous erotic kissing of the genitals.
*see fellatio and cunnilingus.
My girlfriend tore off my pants and gave me some sucky sucky.

Guys ought to know when a girl's got her legs spread out, she wants to get some sucky sucky.

by b dub June 16, 2003

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When you are friends with only one person from mexico
That person is your Best Mexican Friend
That chico is my BMF
by B dub April 01, 2012

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A blatant way of making fun of someone when they trip or do something clumsy, resulting in a complete decline in self-esteem.
(person trips walking up steps)

A witness: "I SEEN THAT!"
by B Dub January 17, 2005

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1) Go to a graveyard, with a friend, and find the freshest female grave
2) Have you friend, or yourself, take ten to twelve full paces away from the undug body, and, with a running jump, stomp onto the bloated body
3) Inhale/partake in the consumption of her bodily fluids via vagina
4) Repeat
homes, check check it. Me and Joe just went over to the cemetary and munged the bejesus out of margaret's dead grandma
by B DUB April 29, 2004

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