When she kneels down to suck cock.
She do the sucky sucky on him
by Robloxpedophile January 22, 2020
Giving your boyfriend sucky suck whenever he wants for a whole week usually starting 10 july
Give me the "sucky sucky" bby its the 10 of july
by Randomirish man June 20, 2020
5 dorrar
(sucky sucky)

you want numba one fucky? 15 dorrar each

15 dorrar too beaucoup, 5 dorrar!

no, 15 dorrar

15 dorrar, beaucoup money, 5 dorrar

ok 5 dorrar you give me
by arvn pimp October 21, 2009
What asian women call giving a blow job.
"I sucki sucki you long time."
by Priiiiick December 23, 2005
either meaning "will you give me oral pleasure?" or "do you want to recieve oral pleasure?" which is a good thing either way like if a man says it to a woman or a woman to a man because those are the only ways I swing.
"would you like a little sucky-sucky?"
by patty-o-pinch-me-youdie March 11, 2003
The best service that Asian prostitutes will give you for five dollars.
For five dollar, hot Asian babe give my wang good sucky sucky. And I like it so much I give her 100 dollar for complete service.
by urban pervert June 18, 2003