n - A mystical transaction in which a student and/or parent subjects themselves to financial slavery (indentured servitude) for the foreseeable future.
Tim: Hey, I just got approved for a student loan!
Fred: Want to go to Taco Bell?
Tim: Sorry, I just took out a student loan.
by dphornguygo to Taco Bell? Tim: September 16, 2012
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The practice of giving depressed teenagers tens of thousands or more in debt with no financial experience or context
Johnny has $100,000 in student loans for an art degree, and he works at McDonalds!
by Justclowntingz May 14, 2020
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You cant afford to go to college? Well then student loans are the answer! doit! Everything will be fine! It's not like you will have you will wish you were dead because of how badly in debt you are. I'm not a pussy like you and I have the debt to prove it!!!
Tod: why dont you take out a student loan?
Jeff:if i wanted to be fucked in the ass I would by a dildo Tod.
by Stfuiknowshit January 24, 2019
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The interest rate is 2.4%, but they make most of their money by fucking you over with charges.
Don't get a student loan; the dirty cunts will fuck you right over.
by PancakeFeatures September 30, 2006
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The easiest way to get money for a new DVD player or a computer. Usually around .1% interest over 600 years.
Man, I just bought a blow up doll with my student loan!
by Johnny Rocketfingers July 21, 2003
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A bank note taken out by a late-stage child for a quarter of a million dollars to assist them in getting a job that pays thirty thousand dollars a year. Once attained, it's required that you drink overpriced beer and cocktails while congregating with other loan holders to complain about how people who found other means to success should pay for the balance of the bill.
"When that hunk, Joe Biden, talks about wiping out my student loans, I get wet and need new panties."
by RKive$85 December 3, 2022
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Scheme where one enrolls in classes, takes the maximum student loan allowed for the course load, then drops all of the courses except for the minimum required to retain the loan.

The individual will usually be unable to repay the loan but in the meantime will have a large amount of disposable cash.
C: Did you see Jojo and her new clothes? I thought she didn't have a job...

B: Yeah, she's playing the student loan game. Gonna fuck up her credit, but gonna ball hard in the meantime.
by ScaredandLonely February 20, 2010
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