to hustle, work hard, especially in basketball
"Cuz I ball hard no bitch we ball harder
I am the Birdman and Im the J.R." -lil wayne
by bcballin322 January 3, 2009
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If you ball so hard then you're like, living life on the edge, doing crazy stuff.

Ball so hard motherfuckers wanna find me, but first niggas gotta find me. - Kanye West & Jay Z
Cameron: I slept in for work because I got high lastnight and passed out, man. Ball so hard.

David: Aw man, that sucks! Awesome night though. Aren't you worried about what you're boss is gonna say?

Cameron: Nah, man.
by carnationx May 29, 2012
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when you go at it so hard that your balls get hard as well. the thrusting & smashing that goes on for hours becomes so exhausting. you stand there, in & out. when you finally release your steamy, hot, cum it shoots through that pussy & that shit becomes a flapper. the moans are immaculate, echoing off the walls around you. after this type of orgasm your nuts will never be the same. & the chick you smashed will have a grandma cooch for life.
zoe: dude i smashed andrew so hard last night, he gave me a flapper! turns out at the end of that, he had hard balls!!
theodore: mmm
by flappy_cooch_69 April 24, 2020
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hard-ball is a sex-toy that a guy uses to make another dude have a cumtastic orgasm -- similar to The Seven Knots of Singapore. He strings four hardballs together with a leather cord, lubes them up, and then forces them up a dude's asshole and pulls them out one by one as he's jacking the dude off and he begins to blow his load.
Matt tried something new on me -- he wanted to play hard-ball with me and when I came, I blew my load everywhere!
by USAF Cadet August 29, 2021
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To have Hard Balls , these can be hard as a rock or just harder than usual, usually when in the cold.

It can also refer to someone who does not feel the pain of being hit in the balls, they may have no feeling , or can just tough it out.
Jack - "God I went to the pool and came out with hard balls"

Blake - " I know what You Mean"


Jack - "Jeez, that guy didn't even flinch"

Blake - " Must have Hard Balls"
by Le onion October 1, 2015
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