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A letter Apple really seems to enjoy putting in front of every single product they sell.
iMac? What the fuck is this shit?
*kicks the expensive paperweight*
by Johnny Rocketfingers September 17, 2003

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A better choice than conservative, as Liberals actual want the world to get out of this shitty condition.
Damn, I hope that fuckwit Bush is replaced by a Liberal in 2004. If not, I might have to move to Mexico.
by Johnny Rocketfingers September 22, 2003

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A poorly spelled version of "girl".
Fuckwit123: OMG I LOKIN 4 A GRIL 2 CYBER W/!!!111
Ricket: I don't know any grills, but I do know a stove. Nothin' says lovin' like you cyber penis and an oven.
by Johnny Rocketfingers November 13, 2003

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Easily the most annoying newbian acronym. Used by one lazy mother fucker that can't type out "Hey, what's your age, sex and location?"
Generic_moron123: HEY!!!!!!!!!1111 ASL??!??!?!?!1111

Johnny: ATTENTION FUCKTARD: Step away from the computer!
by Johnny Rocketfingers September 06, 2003

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Bring your own *insert "B" noun here*.
However, I have seen people insert non-B words, because people really are stupid.
BYOB usually stands for Bring Your Own Beer, but some people can't grasp that concept.
by Johnny Rocketfingers December 01, 2003

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A word created for the Johnny Rocketfingers game. Used to describe something so cool, a new word had to be created.
(After sex)
Woman: Pfhew!
Man: Get out.
by Johnny Rocketfingers July 06, 2003

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The language of the newbies (net speak, chatter slang, etc.)
Jimmy: HEYZ SUP??!?!?!?! I JUS WENT 2 SKOOL!!!!!!!111
Johnny: Stop talking newbian, you look retarded.

by Johnny Rocketfingers July 06, 2003

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