Look bitch i dont care about your personal problems sis ive done all i can to help your ass so stop talking damn im tired we talked for 5 hours bitch and you still aint listen to a got damn word bitch so all i can say is dont worry bitch so look im sorry about whats going on but im out of advice sorry
"Look its ok everything will be fine just dont worry too much"
"But i like worrying"
"Just remember that youre a strong minded individual and i love you ok"
"But im weak and no one loves me"

"Ok youre gonna get through this trust me"

"What if i dont"

"Then youre just gonna have to believe "

"I dont want to believe"

"....its ok everything will be fine"

"Telling me that isnt helping"

"Well bitch wtf im suppose to say if you keep contradicting my advice "
by Boonga July 3, 2019
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Used as a sentence to emphasize how not fine or stressful your situation is.
Character: Everything is Fine :)
Literal burning hell behind him
by Bunii_ April 26, 2020
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A phrase that covers up the fact that everything will not be fine.
There’s nothing to worry about. Everything is Fine.
by EmmaRosie June 23, 2020
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A philosophical viewpoint, a sort of Western version of wu-wei, those who expound this philosophy tend to be laid back but less than productive members of society.
Person 1: "Oh no I'll never make this deadline"

Person 2: "Yeah but everything's basically fine"
by The_Hess November 1, 2010
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Philosophy used to run the global banking system.
Ah, but you are forgetting, everything's always fine
by The_Hess November 12, 2010
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i spent $200 at the bar last night and lost my wallet after that...everything’s fine.
by jojo092491 July 9, 2018
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