A spirited discussion between two people who share language and oppose ideals for the purpose of entertainment. Often heavy and violent at least one party views it 'in good fun'
We both saw the video, I brought the bantz, I think we are better friends now after an hour on the phone.

Ha, they called him out and instead of apologizing he's bringing the bantz!

(there is not a specific example of 'bringing the bantz' anymore than I could give an example of what a fight is)
by ilted May 17, 2017
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a state of mind. To have "de bantz"!!! To have banter with, and understanding of other people with..."De Bantz"
me and jess av got "DE BANTZ"
by Alkaseltzaa August 6, 2006
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To pull some HR shenanigans to remove someone from their job.
Hey man are you still working at the University? Naw dog, I got bantzed.
by DrunkTankFrank January 31, 2018
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To suffer needlessly under the rule of an incompetent boss.
Hey bro, I heard you got blamed for the bosses mistake again. Yeah man, I got bantzed.
by Been Bantzed September 26, 2019
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To be the victim of a pathological liar
Did you hear the rumor that Craig spread about Jenny? Man, she got bantzed!
by Been Bantzed September 26, 2019
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A term used when your having a joke or winding someone up and making fun. Also used when someone tells you something funny they have done lately and you reply with "Bantz"
Other night I was having a right Bantz with the boys about who's footy team is better. Then as a Toon supporter I got ripped to shit.. tried to give it back but the Bantz from the lads done me!!
by Geordie Lad June 5, 2019
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An absolute legend who posts banger content on YouTube.
Guy 1:Yo Bro wanna watch some coda bantz and chill
Guy2:Yes Ofc Bro he’s the best yter
by That_paki_Hater May 3, 2021
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