a texting term meaning that someone has not responded for hours or in the worst cases days 😭
i’ve been on delivered for a week it’s cool tho she’s probably just taking a shower
by hey buddy 111 June 6, 2021
the shortened version of deliver.
Customer calling a pizza place; "Hi, do you deliv?"
by gut bucket June 18, 2009
the act of ignoring ones snapchat and their snap map saying “just now” but your snap to them saying “delivered an hour ago”
bro he left me on delivered, his snap map says 3 minutes ago on snap and i sent him a snap 45 minutes ago
by liljbaby February 21, 2019
To give in sexually to someone, usually because you owe them something.
John: You know, Carla still owes me dinner, but she says she doesn't have any money.
Collin: You can always ask her to deliver =).
John: Yeah, that's a good one.

John: You know Carla, I spoke to Collin earlier and he suggested you delivered instead of paying for dinner.
Carl: What?! You think I'm a slut! I'll pay for the next dinner like I told you.
John: You always say that but you never do, I really think we should have sex, you know, to calm down a bit.
Carla: You make me sick.
by keily August 12, 2009
He got to bored and decided to deliver his cat.
by paintballstud56 June 1, 2005
Something that is very good but also horrible at the same time; something that sucks and swallows
Jake: yo, did you see Linda last night? She was so hot
Adrian: she looked like a fucking slut

Jake: yea, she looked pretty delivous I guess
by Thejawnson October 31, 2016