The British version of Hotter.when fit (hot) is just not enough.
My girl is so much fitter then yours!
by Natedavis March 7, 2007
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The British way of saying hotter. when fit (hot) isnt enough!
british guy1: Dude your moms fitter then hell!!
british guy2: Hells pretty damn fitt
by Nathandavis101 March 9, 2007
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An umbrella term referring to a range of individuals that engage in physical activity by choice. Fitters may include those looking to 'get fit', those who enjoy exercise, and those who engage in competitive physical activity.
In junior high school, Mariam engaged in team sports. She was a fitter.
by You can't handle my vocab. November 28, 2016
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It is specifically the misuse or Hijacking of someone's Facebook page or "wall" for use as your own personal Twitter Page. All otherwise useless thoughts are posted to their page. You can regard their friends as "Followers", as they are exposed to all your minute by minute posts.
Guy 1: "My friend started twittering on my Facebook page, how annoying!"

Guy 2: "It's called fittering, you can do the same to his Blog (blittering) or linkedin (littering) page..."
by thune March 25, 2009
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A fake twitter or burner account commonly used by popular twitter handles to post more personal and weird stuff to not lose a following on their main account.
Man im started to lose followers when i post about cum on main, im bout to make a fitter
by Hubert gay emoji March 3, 2020
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A knuckle dragging person, who isn’t really bright and uses very large spanners and big hammers to undo nuts and bolts. They generally do a 4 year apprenticeship, which consist of 2 year learning how the undo the bolt, then the next 2 years learning how to do it up. Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey.

Some say they are Electricians with there brains removed.

They can’t spell refrigerator, but have been know to throw one.

There work uniform consists of a tutu, thong, painted nails and sometimes make-up, a drag queens version of a tradesperson.

They are also know for there very catty teenage girl like jealousy of Electricians, who are know to be the King of trades and fitters are at the bottom of ladder, in the trade world.
Fitter - A Spanner monkey that takes along time to learn anything.
Fitter - spanner monkey, that is a slow learner.
by Glenn Radford February 28, 2021
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To update ones Facebook status more often, therefore eliminating the need for a Twitter account.
Why don't you just fitter about it?

If I had an iPhone, all I would do would be fitter!
by shockheaded October 29, 2009
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