When a male or female sleeps/have sex with other people or multiple folks behind their spouse's back
"Yo while you' re at work, your girl Lisa be running around on you like you're brand new. I hear she also sucks and swallows like a pro too and her pussies tight!
by kairosan June 27, 2018
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1.) Verb, to run, to go quickly by moving the legs more rapidly than at a walk and in such a manner that for an instant in each step all or both feet are off the ground.

2.) To run around on' a boyfriend/girlfriend, or wife or husband. To see another for romantic or sexual reasons.

3.) To give the run around, to tell someone something not entirely true to lead them to someone else to ask, than to someone else, so the person never gets the right answer.
1.) "My friends and I were 'running around' after the dog."

2.) "Hugh is running around on Cindy again isn't he?" - "Yeah, I saw him with some 21-year old cocktail waitress at the bar last night, he's really giving her the run around."

3.) "Where do babies come from?" Asks little Emily. "Uh, the sky, I don't know go ask your mother." - "Mom, where do..?" - "I don't know, go ask your grandma." - "I don't know, go ask your grandpa," - "I don't know, go ask your Dad." And so on, and so on.
by PinkFroggy November 25, 2007
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Something not to do when your hair is on fire.
Or when married.
After a brief run around, they proceeded as planned.
by I'ma grasshopper 2 July 13, 2006
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A Female that gets around. A slut, tramp, whore, etc... Originating from the classic song "Run around Sue" by singer Dion in 1961, the song clearly explains a lose woman that "took my heart and ran around, with every man in down". It is a more classy way to call a girl a Slut.
I don't think you want to take that girl serious she's a Run around sue.

That Run Around Sue has smashed half the city.
by Pimpshitnigga April 22, 2011
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When a place of business is heavily employed by black individuals who lack knowledge, desire, and/or ability to handle a standard service issue and refer you to a fellow employee who also is lacking in knowledge, desire, and/or ability to solve the issue, and so forth. This is often accompanied by an indifferent attitude which shows a lack of organization, training, and true concern about one's customer/client/patient satisfaction and needs. This is especially common at businesses such as Walmart, McDonald's, local Health Departments, Medicaid/Obamacare phone lines, your local Medicaid based physician offices, Social Security line or local offices, Burger King, etc. This phrase is especially used among Southeastern whites. See the Dave Chapelle video entitled POPCOPY.
I went back to Walmart to retrieve my missing back of groceries but only got the 5 nigger run around at the customer service desk.
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A really really really extremely good looking older man of mystery. Adventure filled, brave hearted, toothsome, sensual genius thats wicked smart.
When I grow up, I want to be Run-Around-Bob!
by Frondeglioni August 29, 2008
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