A word people use instead of saying oh my god
Some guy: oh my stott
other guy: that's fine just as long as you don't say oh my god
by a la dude March 15, 2005
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To hit something off something as hard as you can
Watch me pint Dave, That bloke back there called me a dopey twat. Am gonna go take him outside an stott him off the car park
by gobshite March 05, 2005
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1. The friend allowed into a group of friends purely so they can rinse his/her house instead of their own on nights out.

2. An angry, befuddled male.

3. An unusual growth of hair.
"We never have anything to do on Friday, should we start looking for a Stott-house?"

"Let's go poke the Stott and see if he screams"

"Oh shit, I've got a Stott on my calf"
by stefan jol the 3rd May 15, 2009
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