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1) To get three sequential blowjobs by three or more different girls with the promise of reward afterward, without the intention or possession of the reward stated beforehand. Follow suit by shaking two of the girls' hands and knuckling the other, then exit the room.
You three care to give me a stokes? I haz' dro.
by The Chin Family December 14, 2009
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1. the exhiliration/happiness a person find in something
2. the confidence gained in skating or surfing
Man, I really lost my stoke, i can't even ollie anymore!
by baseddisciple February 14, 2014
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used to describe somthing that is really cool or amazing, taken from the term stoked which means looking forward to
"dude that movie was so stoke"

"the way she freaked out was definatly not stoke"
by toykiller666 January 03, 2011
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when your so triggered you can't be triggered, stoke
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by leleleleleleleeee November 30, 2016
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Gypsy; member of the travelling community.
Originated from Derry, N. Ireland.
Hi! Gimme back me shoes ya fuckin stoke!!
by thebdogg November 29, 2006
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