The action of lighting a blunt/joint with a bowl that is still rolling.
The bong at the party was almost empty, but while it was still lit, Jeremy started stoking a blunt to keep the sesh going
by sprunkbluntz June 27, 2020
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Prompting a firey response in a victim.
A: "Yo' Momma"
B: "Why you stoking me?"
by Powder_ Keg March 24, 2010
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When a player puts the bat in the throw by fielder and deflects the ball and score runs on it.
In world cup final while taking run Ben Stokes saw he will get out he deflected the throw by Stoking
by CricketerRishi July 15, 2019
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The act of being stoked. Awesome/cool/digging it.
"Woah that guy's live set is stoking."
by xbe November 15, 2011
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"stoked" - adjective - to be "stoked" is to be completely and intensely enthusiastic, exhilirated, or excited about something. those who are stoked all of the time know this; being stoked is the epitome of all being. when one is stoked, there is no limit to what one can do.

also, "stoke" - verb - one can "stoke" oneself out by facing challenges or by revving up an engine within oneself to accomplish that which one desires.

*being too stoked just means that you're still not stoked enough*
"Man oh man am i stoked for our upcoming snowboarding trip!"

"Perchance you'd like to stoke yourself out and ask that girl out!"
by roxbury December 8, 2004
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1. the exhiliration/happiness a person find in something
2. the confidence gained in skating or surfing
Man, I really lost my stoke, i can't even ollie anymore!
by baseddisciple February 14, 2014
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1) To get three sequential blowjobs by three or more different girls with the promise of reward afterward, without the intention or possession of the reward stated beforehand. Follow suit by shaking two of the girls' hands and knuckling the other, then exit the room.
You three care to give me a stokes? I haz' dro.
by The Chin Family December 14, 2009
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