The act of being calm, silent, and serious. Those who choose to be stoic feel every emotion, yet show none. Never try to manipulate a stoic, because they always know what is going on. Some of the smartest people in the world are stoic. They keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves.

If silence is power, then stoicism is invincibility.
Teacher: You there!

Stoic Student: Yes?

Teacher: You failed your last test!

Stoic Student:......well then, I had better redeem myself soon.
by TheUnknownPhilosopher April 17, 2013
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A person who has realised that their emotional reactions and opinions (and those of others) towards other people and events have little to no effect on the outcome of a situation. In short, they know that reacting emotionally to certain situations is totally futile. They have therefore made the obvious step of being unemotional about situations they have little control over, because it's a total waste of time. Girlfriend left you? Getting cut up about it isn't going to help. People making bitchy comments about you? Having a cry won't change anything. Being Stoic doesn't necessarily mean having no emotions at all, rather only reacting emotionally to things that truly matter and are of great importance to them. Stoics are often perceived as weird, cold and unemotional by others, especially during their teenager years, when most other adolescents have little control over their feelings. The Stoics of course know that others views on their Stoicism are irrelevant, because they will not change the fact that they are Stoic, nor will it help them understand it, so they don't really care. Some Stoics take satisfaction from the irrational, emotionally driven responses of their peers. Some women hate stoics, as they are very difficult to manipulate emotionally.
Fred the stoic walked into his apartment to find his girlfriend screwing another guy on his couch. He politely asked them if they were going to be much longer, as he wished to play Xbox.

2: Linda: Either buy that diamond ring or I'll leave you!
John: *Stops car and opens door* Bus stop is a mile back that way.
Linda: You're a cheapskate and your dick is tiny!
John: That bus stop ain't getting any closer ya know *Drives off*
by SleeperNZ November 17, 2008
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A person who chooses to express no or little emotion, even in extreme situations. Considered to be surprisingly intelligent as well as beautiful. Also can be seen randomizing the streets on a regular basis.
Even though his hair was on fire, the stoic continued to play chess undaunted.
by 7 June 23, 2003
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A stoic is like a rock. Is a person who knows that they are, despite every thing that could possibly go wrong, be fine. They know that they are strong, that they could handle it, and that is the cause of their genuine strength.
- Professor: Hey student, if you come late again you're gonna run out of the required attendance percentaje to pass the subject, it's nonsense.

-Stoic student: Well... it could be worst I guess... I'm going to be fine. (keeps thinking: "nothing of these could ever hurt me...")
by rainproof_rock October 5, 2018
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A person who is Stoic is a person who shows very little emotion, so the opposite of emo:P. If someone mouths them off, they don't show that they care, even if they do. They'll just kick it, and inside they'll be itching.
John :Hey needle-dick
Stoic:Hey man, what's going on
John :Wtf..
by Slate41 June 7, 2006
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One of the greatest friends you'll ever have.
John: Stoic you're one of the best leaders I've ever met.
Stoic: Thank you!
by Arconia July 1, 2018
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