1. The laws of moral and ethical relativism; all systems of cultures and thought are equal in value, steming from a perceived guilt from white liberals who believe that the Western Civilization is the root of all evil to the exclusion of all else.

2. A powerful form of censorship.

abbr: PC
Political correctness has a basic flaw. If all views are equal, why do some who embrace this view feel the need to push this agenda as the "correct" one at the same time demonizing other views as "incorrect"?
by tradesman March 31, 2003
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The term for any word or phrase that doesn't offend a group of people.
How to be politically correct
As long as you don't have any prejudices about a group of people then you will be naturally politically correct. The term is mostly popular with those who are hateful and think that being polite to someone is the same thing as surrendering to someone.

Conversation about being politically correct
Cashier: Happy holidays!

Christian Customer: Don't you mean "merry Christmas"? You don't have to be politically correct.

Cashier: No, this is a grocery store that welcome to all people so we don't assume every person who buys from us to be Christian.
by iluvluvbid January 06, 2012
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What you accuse someone you're arguing of being (especially when they're winning).
Joe: Have you heard about all those goddamned petitions to repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell? Fuggin' pinko commies!
Bob: Why should the gay community's freedom to serve our country be restricted just to appease homophobes?
by sonofchaos December 26, 2010
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a pejorative invented by conservatives so they can say whatever the hell they want without reprisal.
Kinda like a "get out of racism free" card. Go ahead and call Justice Sotomayor a spic on national radio, and when you get called out for it, blame the media for being too "politically correct".
"All Jews are good for nothing penny-pinchers! I would know, considering I've met every single one of them. What's that? You say I shouldn't assume things? Rot in hell, you politically correct bastard!"
by Submitters of Words June 28, 2011
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(adj) conforming in words and actions to the dominant culture's morality; using unoffensive speech except toward those deemed acceptable to demonize.
He's a bigot because he isn't politically correct.
by Naidlery August 23, 2008
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Due to social emotional weakness, the sender softens the message to the point that it becomes either impotent or a lie for the sake of not offending anyone. Personal feelings become more important than truth and any truth that offends someone becomes evil or hurtful regardless of its intent. Message receivers continually measure every statement with the question, β€œWas I just a victim?”
The word β€œya’ll” is commonly used in some geographic areas of the country, it is not politically correct because some blacks have decided that it is offensive.
It has become impossible to figure out what to call people from Spanish speaking countries. Hispanic or Latino, you are going to offend somebody.
Don’t ever call someone from any country in Asia an Asian. They are very offended by that. You have to call them by what exact country they are from. I guess I am not American. I am United States of American.
Although there are some valid offensive slang words for Illegal immigrants, undocumented immigrant, unauthorized immigrant, unauthorized foreign nationals, paperless nomads, rustic boundless travelers, walking international home and job seekers, WHATEVER! They are here illegally and they are immigrants. Stop getting your feeling hurt.
by The DeDmann August 16, 2016
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