The term for any word or phrase that doesn't offend a group of people.
How to be politically correct
As long as you don't have any prejudices about a group of people then you will be naturally politically correct. The term is mostly popular with those who are hateful and think that being polite to someone is the same thing as surrendering to someone.

Conversation about being politically correct
Cashier: Happy holidays!

Christian Customer: Don't you mean "merry Christmas"? You don't have to be politically correct.

Cashier: No, this is a grocery store that welcome to all people so we don't assume every person who buys from us to be Christian.
by iluvluvbid January 6, 2012
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People making the truth less harsh.
Ex. Farting is not Politically Correct. Expelling alternate gasses is.
by SirTechnoPug December 12, 2016
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A phrase taken from Mao's Little Red Book to describe terminology that is considered politically expedient.

Understood from a Western perspective as having the same connotation as the term Double Speak in George Orwell's novel 1984, which was written as a criticism of Communism at a time when Western powers were still allied with the USSR.

This western application of the term is often misused by uneducated morons in America to justify their refusal (or inability) to learn basic concepts, correct terminology, accepted behavior or even rudimentary spelling and grammar.
"I'd like a cheeseburger with a side of politically correct Freedom fries".

During World War I, referring to German measles as Liberty Measles was considered politically correct.

Prior to the Invasion of Iraq, it was considered politically correct to assume that the President wasn't a complete idiot.

by God_Almighty_Himself March 21, 2009
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An accusation typically used by right-wing bigots to describe behavior that shows plain, common decency directed towards individuals or groups against whom, in the past, they have felt free to discriminate without repercussions (i.e. gays; women; racial, ethnic, or religious minorities; etc.) but that has more and more in recent years become the socially accepted norm.
"What? You're mad at me for calling her a fat, n****r, dyke, c*nt? Hey, sorry if you were offended! I forgot we all have to be 'politically correct' now!"
by AustinTxGuy April 28, 2015
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The politically correct way of saying someone is not racist, sexist, or just a big dick.
Idiot: Whit pepulz r better than errbody else

Me: Shut up you racist

Idiot: You p*ssy why are you trying to shove your politically correct agenda down my throat-

Me: No, I'm not, I'm just not a racist piece of crap.
by phanic at the disco June 8, 2016
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Not an asshole.
Whiny Guy: Why do people want me to be politically correct all the time? Boo hoo!
Reasonable Guy: You mean not an asshole?
by Something Else October 27, 2014
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Can be considered pejorative. noun, A term used earliest by American conservatives to neutralize discussions on prejudice in the United States. Used to imply political rights are being taken away from the speaker by the target. Target is implied to be an authoritarian no matter whether or not any actual rights are abridged, thusly most occurrences of the term are used in straw man arguments.
A: You dirty wop.
B: Hey, you're racist!
A: That's political correctness! You're trying to take away my 1st Amendment rights!
B: You're dumb. I'm calling you out, that's all.
A: And thusly, you're more of a racist, than I am!
by CA.B. February 1, 2007
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