1. The author of the abusive AP World History textbook. Referred to as, "The Double Dark Lord Who Isn't Black Despite What The Name Suggests."
2. On over intelligent man that darkens the door of knowledge with obtuse terminology with a deceptive front golden cover.
As Claire opened her textbook, her heart sank as she had to decipher the Stearns writing
by Dare Braile June 12, 2010
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a boy who has a face as bright as an orange and likes to wear very bright clothes
thats as bright as Stearn
by rdotwelsh February 10, 2010
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Buying an item and then realizing a week later it is worth 3.33% of what you paid for it.
Dude, you know that car I bought last Monday for $6,000? I had to take it Sunday for $5,800 in repairs. I totally got Bear Stearned by that sales guy.
by bwbw March 20, 2008
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The rapid loss of confidence in one's capabilities from one's traditionally supportive network of friends, customers, etc.
Ralph: Dude, nobody wants me to fix their computers anymore.

Ted: You've been bear stearned, bro.
by Kate Sjostrand March 20, 2008
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A derogatory term for Stearns County. An extremely white trash shithole in central Minnesota known for its obesity, alcoholism, transparent racism and most famously Stearns County Syndrome. Includes Saint Cloud and many surrounding communities.
Why the hell do half of the trucks on this town have Confederate flag in the back window? We're 1,000 miles from the closest Confederate state?

It's Stearns Kentucky, what do you expect?
by AsteRexxx October 14, 2018
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An absolute boss with a huge dick, and everyone loves him
by whataboss69 September 6, 2010
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