Resulting from people never leaving Stearns County, Minnesota. Inbreeding to this severity results in adults teaching biology for way too long to a class full of inbred stearns county children, drinking too much german beer, and dating your first cousin. Common last names include Schramel, Mueller, Schmitz, Schmitt, Gerken, or any other german last name.
Mrs. Bio Teacher: "Okay children, did you know there is a syndrome named after us? Yes, Stearns County Syndrome manifests itself as inbreeding in Stearns County citizens."
by Stearns County Girl October 21, 2011
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A syndrome, historically taking place in Stearns County, MN, as a result of being incestial, or having a high rate of inbrededness.

It also may reference thinking your county or area is better than other counties or areas, on the basis of arbitrary lines drawn over 100 years ago. Also seen in the entire state of Wisconsin.
Guy: WTF?! That cougar only dates 20 year olds from her own county. I want her bad.

Girl: Dude, she's a ginger. Obviously a big sign of Stearns County Syndrome.
by Here to Learns August 13, 2010
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