abbreviated form of 'substantial'; large, great; important; rad, fucking awesome..
Holy fuck! This burrito is fuckin' stanch!
by Herbert Von June 11, 2019
Slang word for "cigarette" in the far southside/burbs of Chicago (Beverly, Alsip... well, anywhere south.)
I need a stanch before I kill someone.
by BvlyGrl2 May 18, 2005
When a girls got a really odorrific STD infested vagina. Deriving from stank snach.
Damn girl, you ever think about cleaning that stanch?!
by DownTheDoor May 14, 2005
"Uh u aint nuttin but a stanch"
by sexi_lyly July 19, 2006
When you ping a ball so hard into the upright 'stanchion'. In Footy we call this a Stanche
Lad, watch this 'Stanche'. BOOM...WOW, what a STANCHE
by StancheKing89 January 17, 2013