when a friend steals your stuff, but in a friendly playful matter
Bob; "Where's my phone?!"
*Looks for the phone all day*
*finds the phone in friends backpack*
"Sally why did you snatch my phoneeeee"
Sally; "I only snached it to get back to you from you snatching my phone yesterday!"
by April 26, 2019
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Man Mr.zermeno must be a "Snachy Snach" cause he looks desparite for some pussy.

Your going out with that "Snachy Snach" girl you going to catch something!
by Daniel Garcia April 28, 2006
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Snach Face snach A face that has just been pulled from a wet snach.
That boys snach face looks like a glazed donut
by Lap Hog May 12, 2006
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A disease you got from a dirty ass vagina on a drunken night.
I went out last night, and got SNACH CACH'ED, it sucks!
by Daniel Garcia April 27, 2006
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When a girl takes a shit and wipes asshole to pussy. In turn her Snach smells like her butt.
Man, I was bangin that stripper the other night and she had a rotten case of Butt Snach. I was gagin the whole time.
by Nasty JP July 23, 2011
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