3 definitions by Herbert Von

A friendly feral cat used to lure other feral cats to a desired spot so that they may be trapped for sterilization, given medication, or made used to human touch or contact.
Mrs. Brown won't come to the food bowl until I leave. I better bring a bait cat over so I can try to pet her and give her her flea pill.
by Herbert Von July 18, 2021
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abbreviated form of 'substantial'; large, great; important; rad, fucking awesome..
Holy fuck! This burrito is fuckin' stanch!
by Herbert Von June 10, 2019
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A type of chocolate made by doggies and generously left in lawns, dog parks, and other urban open spaces. Similar in appearance to commercially available chocolate, doggy chocolate has a slightly more earthy flavor and a more delicate mouth-feel.
Q. This dessert is so fantastic. What's in it?

A. Pasture-raised eggs, organic, free range, grass-fed butter, heirloom amaranth flour and wild-harvested doggy chocolate.
by Herbert Von July 18, 2021
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