Parts of it are nice, but the rest is sketchy around 115th & Knox AKA "Undaworld".
Home of the "Undaworld Sd'z" satan disciples gang the rest is a nice white suburb home to some of the nicest people (If you stay on the nice sides)
I just got back from Alsip, I got a beautiful white girls number and some crack!
by Jonni Boyy August 7, 2008
1.) One of the many, white bred, middle class, Chicago suburbs. Serviced by warehouses, a tollroad, railroads, and trucking.
2.) People who are from this suburb, around it, or from the northern suburbs claim to be well respected, nice, happy, and content with life.
3.) There is no regional dialect like the west coast and much of the Midwest. Alsip is one of many Chicago area communities that has an excellent school system. Many raised here will go on to beautiful careers and rewarding lives.
4.) One difference between teenyboppers and Alsip is that we enunciate our words better and speak slower. This is why many people are hired for jobs, especially in communications and other fields.
5.) Peaceful, plenty of parks, prairies, many modern homes, historic homes scattered throughout the village, shopping, and pleasant.
6.) For the guys, there are very beautiful women. Most of them love the outdoors and stay in shape.
1.) Many streets have large trees and 1950s houses. There are a lot of condos and apartments too for cheap.
2.) No potential threats to our society are from here.
3.) Southern man: "Y'all wanna go to the drunken tiddy bar?"
Alsip man: "I'm really sorry. I can't. I promised we would go for a beautiful nature walk today and run a few miles."
4.) Alsip man: "What do you mean when you say hey homes?"
Out of towner: "Like hi, sup?"
5.) "Today on our trip, we can go shopping at Jewel. Then we can go for a big hike. We'll have juice boxes and fresh fruit and watch the trains go by."
6.) "The girl from Alsip is so beautiful. She helped me with my homework, dating, and now we are together. She's just like that really hot, sexy girl Binky Barnes used to hang out with."
by don't pick more, pick less March 12, 2008